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One of many peculiarities of Dachshunds that has puzzled canine lovers for years is their tendency to take a seat up on their hind legs like a prairie canine.

In case you’ve ever owned a Dachshund, you’ve in all probability witnessed this habits firsthand. 

Your furry little buddy may instantly pop up onto his hind legs, together with his entrance paws dangling within the air, and stare at you together with his heartstring-pulling eyes. 

It’s a wierd sight, to make sure, nevertheless it’s additionally extremely cute.

So why do Dachshunds sit up like this? Is it only a random quirk of their breed, or is there a deeper cause behind it?

On this article I discover some potential causes why your Dachshund might sit up and focus on the security of doing so.

Why Do Dachshunds Sit Up?

If you’ve caught your Dachshund sitting up on their hind legs, you might have puzzled what prompted them to do it.

The reality is, no one is aware of for certain. 

There are a couple of theories, although, which may assist shed some mild on this quirky habits.

To get a greater view

One concept is that Dachshunds sit up like this as a method of getting a greater view of their environment. 

As a result of they’re such small canine, they could discover it troublesome to see all the things that’s occurring round them when they’re down on all fours. 

By sitting up, they will get the next vantage level and soak up extra of their setting.

Begging and a spotlight

One other concept is that Dachshunds sit up like this as a method of begging for meals or consideration.

Once they sit up like this, they appear extremely cute and endearing, which could make their homeowners extra doubtless to provide them treats or pet them.


Whereas many canine homeowners practice their canine to take a seat up like a prairie canine, Dachshunds simply have a pure intuition to do it.

There isn’t any definitive reply to why their intuition is to do that, however Dachshund have been created to use as hunting dogs.

They ran by means of the woods and noticed recreation for hunters.

Since Dachshunds are quick, sitting up on their haunches was doubtless one of the best ways for them to see over an extended distance (no pun meant).

Regardless of the cause, I can say that sitting up on their haunches is widespread to Dachshunds.

Is it Unhealthy for a Dachshund to Sit Up on Their Hind Legs?

You’ve in all probability seen somebody submit a cute picture of their Dachshund sitting up on their butt on social media… solely to get blasted by a couple of folks as a result of “it’s harmful” or “will harm their again”.

However is that true?

Sitting up on their haunches for brief durations of time is usually not dangerous to wholesome, grownup Dachshunds. 

On the contrary, sitting up may very well be useful to your Dachshund.

The rehab veterinarian we noticed when my Dachshund Gretel was recovering from her again harm, confirmed my analysis.

Sitting upright on their hind legs can really assist strengthen a number of the muscle mass in a Dachshund’s physique that assist to help the backbone.

Sitting upright engages their hind leg muscle mass to keep up stability and help their weight. 

It additionally engages their decrease again and core muscle mass to maintain their higher physique regular and preserve correct posture.

By repeating this habits, your Dachshund can construct energy in these muscle mass, which can assist enhance their total agility, stability, and stability.

Nonetheless, our vet did say to not ask a Dachshund to increase the time they’d naturally sit up and encourage them to do it typically.

In different phrases, allow them to select to do it when the temper strikes and allow them to select to cease doing it naturally.

Canines are fairly good at realizing when to self-limit after we don’t push them.

Ought to You Let Your Dachshund Sit Up?

As I at all times do, I wrote this text to tell, to not inform you the selection you must make for your Dachshund.

Whether or not you let your Dachshund sit up on their butt is as much as you and will contemplate their well being, health, and your consolation with danger.

Despite the fact that sitting up is just not inherently harmful to your Dachshund, and will even assist their health, preserve these two issues in thoughts:

  1. There’s a danger of falling in case your Dachshund sits upright and the autumn can twist and put stress on the spinal disks
  2. Sitting up on their hind legs shouldn’t be the one core-strengthening train your Dachshund will get

In case your Dachshund falls over continuously after they attempt to sit up, you might wish to discourage the habits.

Hold your Dachshund reasonably to extremely energetic, and contemplate physical therapy exercises, to assist to maintain their core muscle mass robust and assist cut back the chance of harm when they’re sitting.

Additionally, it’s necessary to notice that sitting up like that isn’t good for all Dachshunds.

For instance, it may possibly put pressure on their backbone, so if you understand your Dachshund has Intervertebral Disk Disease (IVDD), you might not need them to do it.

Ultimate Ideas

Regardless of the cause behind the phenomenon of Dachshund naturally sitting up on their hind finish, there’s no denying that it’s one of many particular quirks that endear us to them.

Sitting up is just not inherently unhealthy for a Dachshund and will, the truth is, assist to strengthen their spine-supporting muscle mass.

So, the following time your furry buddy sits up like a prairie canine, you might wish to simply smile and benefit from the second. 

Nonetheless, it’s necessary to be aware of the potential well being dangers and be sure that your Dachshund is just not overdoing it.

In case you discover any indicators of discomfort after your Dachshund has sat up on their hind legs, akin to limping or issue strolling, it’s finest to discourage the habits and seek the advice of together with your veterinarian.

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