Yin & Yang Kitties

ELLIE:  Mr. Waffles, you are urgent my brow. 
WAFFLES:  You are urgent on MY brow, Ellie. 
ELLIE:  Your foot smells form of humorous, Mr. Waffles.
WAFFLES:  You are foot smells form of girlie, Ellie.
ELLIE:  It smells form of like Gloman’s Cheetos. 
WAFFLES:  I can neither affirm or deny touching Gloman’s Cheetos. 

About Right now’s Pictures & Video 

The notorious blue chair sits in Gloman’s dwelling workplace, proper subsequent to his desk. And the scene throughout workplace hours is normally the identical. Ellie licking Waffles, Waffles licking Ellie, peace and concord, with sufficient cute and cat hair to heat our hearts. Even when Glogirly is out on the ski hill, Gloman is texting her pictures and movies of his two workplace assistants. 


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