Why Does My Cat Guard Me After I Go to the Rest room?

It’s possible you’ll suppose you want privateness when utilizing the toilet, however chances are high your cat has different concepts! Does your cat observe you into the toilet and stare as you go about your routine, or maybe they sit by the door as if looking out for one thing?

Fast Overview


Guarding is a standard, regular protecting conduct in cats.


Guarding conduct can typically be the signal of separation nervousness or overprotectiveness.


In case your cat’s guarding conduct progressed to unhealthy ranges, schedule a go to together with your veterinarian.

This may increasingly appear slightly odd, however you aren’t alone (pun supposed!), and the excellent news is that it almost definitely means your cat merely cares about you.

Let’s check out guarding conduct and what it means for you and your cat.

What Is ‘Guarding’?

Home cats could also be clingy, following you in every single place; it is a defend conduct.

Do you’ve the sensation you’re being watched? Guarding is a traditional protecting conduct that’s usually a show of affection, accompanied by purring, kneading, head butting, and licking.

Indicators your cat is defending you embody:

Home and tamed cats now stay in human numerous cultures, and their discovered behaviors are receptive to alternative ways of dwelling with folks. Some cats might exhibit clingy behavior and observe their proprietor in every single place, notably into the restroom.

Listed here are a number of the key causes your cat could be guarding you within the toilet, the bathe and even whenever you sleep.

1. Your Cat Loves You

Guarding conduct would possibly really feel annoying at occasions, however it’s truly an indication that your cat loves you.

Don’t be fooled by the air of independence many cats give off; they actually care about their house owners. A method your cat might present that is by guarding you. Your cat might understand a sure space of your home or a particular scenario as a menace, and so they merely need to look out for you. This implies you could have firm whereas on the bathroom or within the bathe!

Put your self in your cat’s paws for a second. Loos are unusual locations, full of wierd smells and loud noises like operating water and flushing bathrooms. Not solely can this stuff make your cat suppose you’re weak in there, however to prime all of it off, what will we all do after we go to the toilet? We shut the door.

In your cat’s eyes, you’ve simply locked your self right into a probably harmful room and actually should have somebody searching for you in case you disappear down the drain or get attacked whereas sitting on the bathroom!

Though affection is a probable clarification in your cat’s conduct, following you into the toilet isn’t all the time a wholly selfless act. Listed here are another causes your cat would possibly insist on becoming a member of you within the toilet.

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2. Your Cat Has Separation Anxiousness

In case your cat is feeling burdened, they may act overly clingy within the hopes that you’ll defend them.

Some cats discover it traumatic to be separated from their house owners. A closed door between you and your cat could make them anxious, cling to you, and do their utmost to get into the toilet with you.

Though this may increasingly appear to be the affectionate conduct we have now already talked about, it’s extra of a priority as a result of it’s a signal of underlying worry and stress, which isn’t good for any cat to undergo.

In the event you suppose your cat could be affected by separation anxiety, get in contact together with your veterinarian for recommendation on find out how to assist navigate this situation.

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3. Your Cat Loves To Play

Some cats see the toilet as a enjoyable place to discover and play.

Bathroom paper, towels, cotton balls, and dripping taps might not appear thrilling to us, however to your cat they are often an infinite supply of leisure, making your toilet the cat equal of an amusement park. It’s only a bonus if you’re in there giving them consideration whereas they go about their mischievous methods.

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4. Your Rest room Is A Nice Place For A Snooze

In the event you cat likes to curve up for a nap when you bathe, it’s possible as a consequence of heat of the room and your proximity.

Sinks and tubs make for excellent cat beds with the added bonus that they’re in a heat room with their favourite individual. Your cat might even see the toilet as a sanctuary to take a nap in when you bathe.

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5. Your Cat Loves Consideration

Some cats can’t get sufficient consideration, and can demand it even when you’re attending to non-public enterprise.

Cats love consideration (on their phrases), and what’s higher than a captive viewers within the toilet? It’s arduous to disregard a cat observing you or sitting on you when you use the amenities, which suggests one factor: undivided consideration!

Cats are also very smart. It doesn’t take them lengthy to study that sure behaviors generate consideration, so that they naturally repeat them. This implies you’ll quickly have an everyday companion within the toilet.

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6. Your Cat Is Curious

Can Kittens Eat Cat Food Feature

The toilet may not appear all that fascinating to us, however cats are curious and like to discover all the things.

Opposite to the saying, curiosity doesn’t kill cats; it helps them keep secure and survive. As each predators and prey animals, cats want to concentrate on all the things happening round them.

This instinctive curiosity means it’s solely pure your cat is intrigued by you disappearing right into a room with a number of completely different smells and noises. The detective in them means they need to test it out and be within the know.

Your cat might also observe you into the toilet and guard you simply to make certain they’re not lacking out on one thing thrilling. If there’s enjoyable available, cats need in!

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7. Your Cat Is Territorial

Following you into the toilet could possibly be because of the territorial tendencies of cats.

Cats are territorial by nature. They defend their atmosphere and wish to micromanage to make sure they’re secure and properly fed. Your cat must know that there aren’t any intrusions to their space, and because the toilet is a part of your cat’s territory, closing the door doesn’t all the time go down properly. The truth is, if cats may select, all doorways could be open to them always!

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8. Your Cat Likes Routine

Cat lying on tile to stay cool

Your cat would possibly view your joint journeys to the toilet as a part of on a regular basis life.

Cats like familiarity and routine. Visiting the toilet is a part of your each day routine, so your cat might have adopted the behavior alongside you. In the event you use the toilet within the morning after which feed your cat, it gained’t take them lengthy to determine the connection between a go to to the toilet and breakfast. Consideration and meals are nice methods to start out the day!

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Ought to You Discourage Guarding Conduct?

If guarding conduct progresses past merely following you round, you possibly can take some steps to curb it.

Though all of us love our cats, and it’s good to see that love reciprocated, it may be a bit overwhelming to by no means get any private house, particularly when utilizing the toilet. Some cats might also take guarding conduct to the acute, grow to be overprotective, and maybe even take a swipe or a chew at different individuals who attempt to get near you.

Causes to handle guarding conduct in your cat embody:

  • You discover it overwhelming
  • Your cat is turning into aggressive
  • Your cat seems anxious or stressed

In the event you don’t thoughts being watched and your cat appears blissful, sit again and benefit from the toilet consideration. In spite of everything, it does imply you’re your cat’s primary individual.

How Can You Discourage Guarding Conduct?

In the event you don’t take note of your cat after they observe you into the toilet, they may lose curiosity.

If you could regain some privateness within the toilet, you can begin by attempting to disregard your cat after they observe you into the toilet. Much less consideration might make the toilet a much less thrilling place to be, particularly when you give your cat additional consideration in different areas of the home.

Your veterinarian will be capable of test your cat doesn’t have any underlying well being points that could possibly be exacerbating stress or aggression, and can be capable of advise on managing and discouraging this conduct, corresponding to establishing routines and introducing calming aids like pheromone sprays and nervousness treatment.

Remaining Ideas

The almost definitely cause your cat follows you into the toilet is easy love.

Guarding is a standard, regular conduct in cats. Though we’ll by no means know precisely what it’s about bogs that triggers this conduct, there are a number of potentialities, and affection is prime of the listing. So when you use the toilet underneath the watchful eye of your cat, it may be comforting to know that it’s almost definitely simply their quirky approach of exhibiting that they love you.

Finally, if you’re a cat proprietor, it’s possible that your days of utilizing the toilet in peace are over. After all, the irony in all that is that cats like their privateness when utilizing the litter tray. So it’s one rule for cats and one other rule for the remainder of us!

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Often Requested Questions

How do you inform in case your cat is protecting of you?

Cats have a robust protecting intuition, however it may be arduous to interpret their conduct. Clear indicators your cat is defending you embody:

How are you going to inform in case your cat has imprinted on you?

When cats imprint, they type a particular bond with their favourite individual. It is all about them feeling secure and safe in that individual’s presence. In case your cat has imprinted on you, they’re prone to:

  • Comply with you about
  • Sit in your lap or chest
  • Knead on you
  • Purr when close to you
  • Head butt you and rub towards you
  • Roll over and present you their stomach
  • Test on you whenever you sleep

Why should not cats observe you to the toilet?

Usually talking, in case your cat likes to observe you to the toilet, simply let her. She in all probability simply needs to make use of each alternative to point out you the way a lot she loves you. In the event you discover the eye overwhelming and need to reclaim some alone time, or in case your cat is exhibiting indicators of separation nervousness or overprotectiveness, chances are you’ll have to discourage her from following you. In case you are utilizing toilet cleansing merchandise, you must also guarantee your cat stays away.

Do cats know whenever you’re sleeping?

We do not know if cats perceive sleep in the identical approach that we do, however they’re undoubtedly conscious of our bedtime routine and that we’re much less responsive after we are asleep. Thoughts you, you have in all probability seen that cats do not essentially respect our sleep regardless of being conscious of it on some degree!

Why does my cat guard me after I pee?

Some cats might exhibit clingy conduct and observe their proprietor in every single place, notably into the restroom.

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